Best in Class Aeronautical Layers

You may have noticed recently that there were some issues with the VFR/IFR chart layers. This functionality has now been restored on the public map.

In addition, ADS-B Exchange is excited to announce an enhancement to our mapping features with the introduction of premium VFR/IFR LOW/IFR HIGH layers offering global coverage!

This upgrade is available to our valued subscribers and data contributors, providing a seamless mapping experience. As you zoom in across the US, the maps smoothly transition from Sectionals to TACs, while also offering extensive worldwide and oceanic coverage. These premium layers promise faster load times and superior quality compared to the standard free layers.

Some of the useful resources depicted on these charts:

  • Military operating areas and restricted airspace.
  • ATC FIR boundaries
  • Class B, C, and D airspace lateral and vertical dimensions
  • VORs, NDBs, and other Navaids
  • Terrain contours and MEFs (Maximum elevation figures)
  • MEAs (minimum enroute altitudes) on airways
  • Air Traffic Control frequencies
  • Oceanic entry points
  • If you’re listening on a scanner or LiveATC, you’ll be able to see the intersections and airways referred to in routes and clearances.

Explore the enhanced visuals and capabilities of this fantastic new feature through the screenshots provided below.

Purchase a subscription for only $2.99/month and get the following benefits:

  • Ad-Free Map
  • Six Premium Map Layers

Better yet, become a feeder and get the same benefits!