Configuration page

Built my own receiver.
Using a raspberry pie 3B. It’s been up and running now for about a year went in today to take a look cannot get the feed to come up. I’m thinking I may have a Wi-Fi issue. But I’m not sure I’m not able to get the configuration page to come up. Is there anyone that knows how to do that?
I’m getting this message when I try to bring up the feed.Problem fetching data from the server:
Data Not Found - Anywhere ID This is what it says on feeder status.

What happens when you try to get to the configuration page (specific error message?). My guess would be that your SD card has died (they do “wear out”), but it could be something else. Can you connect a monitor and keyboard to the Pi?

got it up and going. It somehow got disconnected from my Wi-Fi. Not sure. Why I didn’t think of that first

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