Problem with "MyIP" page

Hello everyone,
I’m new and need some advice.
I revived the feeder, I can see planes locally, the feeder flashes green LED, red nothing = everything OK and it receives planes, which can also be seen on the local map.
On the “myip” page, however, it is still “Not found”. What could be the problem.
Thanks for any advice.
Jirka, OK1ALF

Are you connecting to the internet from the same public IP address as your feeder? e.g. if your feeder is using fixed broadband but your browser is using mobile data, they would be using different IP addresses. It’s also possible that your provider is using CGNAT, which can result in multiple different public IP addresses being used.

Check http://adsbexchange.local/info/ under “adsbexchange-feed.service logs” and “adsbexchange-mlat.service logs” to see if those services appear healthy…

Hi, thank you, it’s already solved. The problem was connecting the PC via VPN. The PC had a different IP address even though it was on the same network as the feeder. After turning off the VPN, everything works.
Jirka OK1ALF

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