Could it be a conflict between 2 feeders and sharing

I have been feeding via a FA flight stick. I am unable to login in and edit some adsb-exchange mlat details as I don’t remember my password. I realise I can reimage an sd card and build that up etc. However as posted recently I decided to purchase the ADSB dongle from the store and operate just this stick. I have gone through the setting up of the new stick and seem to think it is working as I am able to see the aircraft it is receiving. Both the FA and ADSB are connected to the same hub and I have the same email address for both sticks. (FA region 3c pasha6291 & ADSB GW0HDY).
When I search to see the MLAT statistics it shows me only info regarding the FA stick.
Could the problem be same email and wifi network. I will have a go at shutting down the FA system tomorrow and see if that makes a difference.

Your post is very confusing as you keep changing terms, are you saying you have 2 different SDR sticks in the same Pi? 1 for each service? FA and ADSBExchange?

CommGuy, sorry for being so confusing, I think I am at a stage in life where I even confuse myself.

I have 2 Pi boxes 1 & 2
Box 1 FA
Box 2 ADSB

#1 Box has a FA stick which also provides data to ABSDexchange - the system works well but I wanted to tweak it but can not remember the password. So for the time being I will leave it as it is.

#2 Box was for a standby but now it has the stick and card purchased from ADSBexchange.

Both boxes use wifi to connect to my hub. They are about 25 metres from the hub.
Both boxes are connected to separate antennas.

When I get box 2 (ABSD) working, I will shut down box 1(FA) and just feed ADSB from box 2.

However as the wifi from box 2 seems very weak I propose to connect it to the hub with an ethernet cable and try again. If this isn’t successful I will take the card and dongle from box 2 (adsb) and install in box 1.

Assuming all goes well my future plans/options will be to get a second adsb card and dongle and set this up to work from my caravan which is located in the middle of Wales or operate from home but with a yagi orientated to the west where my reception could be better because of the screening by the mountains.

Hope this makes my setup less confusing.

When I receive my ethernet cable I will try again. I will post my findings then.

Thank you for replying and showing an interest.

Yeah 2 boxes on the same network alone would not interfere, I regularly have up to 8 boxes running at a time (don’t ask) without issue.

Ii suspect, as I think you do to, that it is a weak WiFi signal so I would definitely try a Ethernet cable.

Disconnected box 1 and inserted adsb dongle and card from box 2 along with ethernet cable. Checked out feed and everything seems fine.
I would like to insert the script for MLAT Statistics. Thought I may be able to do this using PTTY, but have been unsuccessful in locating the IP. So I understand that if I remove the sd card I could do it using a text editor. Could you confirm which config file I should insert it?

You would need to make sure you are using SSH as Putty defaults to telnet I believe, you can use the address adsbexchange.local to access the device if needed but I do not know what MLAT Statistics you are referring too as everything you need comes preinstalled on the image and all configuration is done through a web browser. There is no config files you could edit on the SD card to install a script.

Complete setup instructions are here: Build Your Own ADS-B Receiver - ADS-B Exchange

CommGuy, many thanks for your reply.

With regards to the link you posted - Section 9 Verifying Feed

I get the following displayed

Feeder Statistics
ADSB Connected Feed OK
MLAT Connected Feed OK

Feed Details
No Stats
Install Stats script

I was thinking that it was saying that I had to install the script. I was just trying to see what I was actually feeding.

Thanks again.

This gets more challenging now
The above post states ADSB and MLAT are connected and feed ok but the MLAT map is not showing my feed.

Are you sure you are using the card you purchased through ADSB Exchange? It should have the stats package and location turned on by default. It sounds like you burned a card with another image and installed via the script.

Did you set the location in the config page? Turn privacy mode on? Try searching for your feeder on MLAT by name?

Hi, I can confirm I am using the card I purchased which I haven’t edited at all.

Location is set.

wehn I verify the feed, The feeder sttistics tells me ADSB and MLAT connected and feed ok and the message to the right of this says Feed Details
No Stats
Install Stats script and that is why I was asking about editing the card.

I have setup a few FA sticks and never had a problem. The only thing I can think of is I have a problem with the card.

I have searched for feeder by name but it wasn’t found.

Apart from getting another card sorted out I am not sure what to do next.

Thank you again for your assistance.

I would just burn a new image to the card and start over, you can download the image from the website. Full instructions are here.

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OK so I have burnt a new image to card using balena etcher which I am familiar with and after a couple of minutes was feeding. I haven’t done anything different so I must assume it was the card.
Thanks again for your guidance.

Glad that worked, if the card corrupts again let us know.


Just an update
Everything is now working as I had hoped. The Pi is about 23m way from the house and connected to the home hub with an ethernet lead as wifi was a little weak over that distance. With the higher altitude aircraft I am getting a range of just over 200 mile, which for my location is good.
Now I have that behind me sometime over the weekend I will try and set up another feed about 60 miles away - not a particularly brilliant area for long range reception but at times interesting military.