Does "ADSBx-config" remain a wifi option even after completed config

Greetings. I like to take my ADSB receiver with me on trips. That means the wifi changes. I am wondering if the ADSBx-config “network” is still an active option for the first 15 minutes after power-on or is that “turned off” once it has been configured for its first network?

I am pretty sure it is disabled after you program an SSID.

TLDR: Yes “ADSBx-config” does appear to remain an adhoc wireless network even after configuration

Here are the details of what I experienced. I have a working feeder at my home and was going to be in a new location for several weeks so I wanted to take my feeder along. When I tried booting my feeder at my home location (where it was already connected to a network) and I never saw “ADSB-config” show up as a wifi option so I decided to bring along an additional SD card with a new feeder image on it.

Then at my “new location” I thought I’d test out weather or not I could see the “ADSB-config” wifi option before swapping in the new SD card. After a few minutes, “ADSB-config” did indeed show up as a wifi option.

Based on this, here is my conjecture…if the feeder (pi) boots and does not see a connected wifi, it created the adhoc “ASDB-config” network option. As noted in the instructions, this option has a timeout of 15 minutes so make certain not to wait too long to look for it.

Hope this helps.

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