Locked parameters flightAware dump1090

Hello everyone,

Now that I can make personal adjustments in the tar1090 config.js file, I enthusiastically started making adjustments.
Many personal adjustments are blocked by the flightAware file dump1090.
For example, these lines in /tar1090/html config.js are blocked.

29 //Center marker. If dump1090 provides a receiver location,
30 // that location is used, and these settings are ignored.
31 SiteShow = true;
32 SiteLat = xx.xxx;
33 SiteLon = x.xxx;
34 SteName = “abcdefg”;

The x’s are the correct coordinates of my location in real life.

There are several rules that cannot be edited.

Can dump1090 rules be adjusted, or how can the rules be circumvented?

I’m not quite sure how to interpret this… dump1090/readsb is software that decodes transponder messages. tar1090 is software that takes the decoded data, combines it with some static data, and displays aircraft positions and tracks on a map.

In the tar1090 config section that you mention, the location of the receiver to be shown on the map can either be taken from dump1090/readsb (which has its own configuration options for this), or that can be overridden with tar1090 config options.

dump1090 cannot “block” tar1090 from doing anything. It may be that an older version of dump1090 provides less information.

In any case, if the issue you’re having is with FlightAware-provided software, support will be very limited here, as these forums are for ADS-B Exchange (a competitor of FA). If you are having issues accomplishing something with the ADS-B Exchange software (e.g. the Pi image), please provide more details, including (1) steps you followed, (2) what you expected to happen, (3) what actually happened.

Hello dseven,

Thank you for your response to my new topic.

I am a user without in-depth programming knowledge. I try a lot and I often succeed after a lot of time, dedication and making many mistakes.

My questions may sometimes not come across properly, sorry for this.

I’ll try to explain again.
In the config.js file, many personal rules can be adjusted as needed.

The adjustments that have been made relate to the location information (center marker) of the feeder. See lines 29 to 34.
The information on lines 29 and 30 indicate what my problem or ignorance is.

29 //Center marker. If dump1090 provides a receiver location,
30 // that location is used, and these settings are ignored.
31 SiteShow = true;
32 SiteLat = xx.xxx;
33 SiteLon = x.xxx;
34 SteName = “abcdefg”;

The adjustments are not visible on the website.

The Raspberry Pi 4B is only loaded with ASBX software downloaded from the website.
The USB dongle (micro RadarBox) and antenna are connected to the Raspberry Pi.
Everything else works fine.

So when you say “The adjustments are not visible on the website”…

Are you looking at your local receiver’s web interface (http://adsbexchange.local/tar1090/)? The ADSBx globe map ( https://globe.adsbexchange.com/)? Something else?

What do you see there? Do you see your receiver’s location marked at a different location, or not at all?

I’m still confused by your mention (in the original post) of FlightAware … how do they factor into the problem?

I just took another look at this, and the code, and notice that I was wrong before - if the decoder (readsb in our case) provides a location, that location will override any that’s statically configured in tar1090 (so I had that part backwards). Perhaps you’re asking if there’s a way to disable that? I’m not sure why you would want to - why wouldn’t you just configure your location correctly in readsb?

I still wonder which “website” you’re looking at. If it’s the globe one, your local configuration for location has no effect on that. It will use your browser’s location, if permitted to, or you can specify a location using URL parameters, like https://globe.adsbexchange.com/?lat=XX.XX&lon=-XX.XX&SiteLat=XX.XXX&SiteLon=-XX.XXX&zoom=8.7. lat/long specify where the map is centered, and SiteLat/SiteLong specify the location of the station marker.

Dear dseven,

Firstly, my compliments for putting so much effort into understanding me and finding an answer to it.
I have been using the ADSB exchange website for many years and have been a feeder several times before.
It has become too complicated for me and I have decided to stop being a feeder of ADSB exchange. My contribution as a feeder is less than 1%.
I live in a wooded area with many trees directly around our house. I can see a lot of air, but not enough to make a good contribution. Also, not having a good place for the outdoor antenna contributed to this decision.

I’m going to use the Raspberry Pi for something else.

Thank you again for your persistence on the questions I asked.
Good luck with answering many feeder questions.

Kind regards and maybe see you next time.

===== The End =====