Range Rings (tar1090)

Installing the software to become a feeder used to be quite a job.
Now it’s much easier.
I used to be able to adjust the range rings myself.
Is that still possible, and if so, where can I do it?


If you can ssh into your feeder and edit the file /usr/local/share/tar1090/html/config.js, you’ll see lots of tweakable settings, including some relating to “SiteCircles”. After modifying that file, you’ll need to do a full refresh in your browser to pick up changes - Control-F5 or equivalent

Hello dseven,
Thank you for your quick response.
I can log in via SSH.
I’ve looked before, but there’s a lot to see, so it was a bit dizzying.
Now that I know where to look, I get started.
See you later.

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I have processed all the information you provided.
Below are the Range Rings rules in that config.js file.
Adjustments have been made (5,10,15).
Firefox refreshed (a lot of repair work, unfortunately).
The range rings have not been adjusted.
Have I forgotten something, did I not adjust something properly in the rules?

Range rings

// Also called range rings
//SiteCircles = true; // true to show circles (only shown if the center marker is shown)
// In miles, nautical miles, or km (depending settings value ‘DisplayUnits’)
//SiteCirclesDistances = new Array(5,10,15);
// When more circles defined than cirle colors last color will be used or black by default
//SiteCirclesColors = [‘#FF0000’, ‘#0000FF’, ‘#00FF00’];
// Show circles using dashed line (CAUTION, can be slow, especially when zooming in a lot)
//SiteCirclesLineDash = [5, 5]; // null - solid line, [5, 5] - dashed line with 5 pixel lines and spaces in between

You will need to remove the // prefix from any lines that you want to take effect - otherwise those lines are considered “comments” and ignored.

Thanks for your info.
Of course, I forgot about that.
I have continued to adjust, and it all works fine now.

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