Feeder TImeout Penalty

Can someone explain to me that this means? Normally, the “timeout penalty” is zero but occasionally I see something like this:
The various parameters shown in the table which follows this pane, Suync Err, PPM offset, etc are equally confusing. (A search did not reveal the answers to this.)

It means the system has seen that your MLAT calculations are not matching everyone else’s so the system put you in a “time out” and will check back after that period to see if its doing better. This saves a lot of server resources as it doesn’t have to deal with the bad calculations.

There are a number of reasons but the 2 most common are:

  1. Bad power supply, often because your using one designed for a phone and not a raspberry Pi. The Pis are very picky they get enough power at a smooth voltage and phone charges often do not meet this high requirement.

  2. Bad location or Altitude programmed into feeder, make sure you are correct to 4 or 5 decimal points and that you include both the ground and additional height of your antenna when listing the altitude.

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That’s very helpful. I must wonder if I am being penalized for others’ lat/lon issues – having rechecked the coordinates and replaced the power supply with a new one from a reputable source. I see some of the rays emanating from this station to other stations as green; others are yellow. I’ll keep working on it. Again – TU.

I have SSH access to this remote/hard-to-reach location but I am not certain of the command to update coordinates. Anyone know? [No physical access is possible.]

Finally, does anyone know where the other parameters shown are defined? Not sure where to ask since ADSB Exchange is now under new ownership and all the help that was previously available is gone.

Not sure what you mean by all the help is gone, you are in the new official forums but the old one was available up till this one came out, the Facebook and Reddit pages have always been there, and even though Musk deleted our old Twitter a new one was created months ago, And to top it off the discord server was relaunched, which is a great way to get help though it is a little slow for now. Here’s is the link: Official ADS-B Exchange Group

As for checking the coordinates assuming you are using the ADSBx image it is changed through the webpage on the feeder, if you have ZeroTier enabled for remote access you can just type the Ben address in your browser. (If not it’s easy to set up ZeroTier via ssh access so you have full control of the feeder from anywhere.

While technically possible your being penalized for other bad feeders it would mean the majority of the feeders you paired with are bad, with 18 paired feeders this is unlikely.

OK. I searched for the ADSBX server on DIscord previously and could not find it. Got it now, though – thanks for the invite!

I don’t know anything about a Ben address or a web page for the feeder. Just SSH access. (This is behind a Peplink cellular router so InControl will get me there nicely via InTouch. ZeroTier would be redundant.) I am not a LINUX guy. I’ll search around for a command to update the ADSBX config. Or, worse case, I’ll just delete it or figure out a way to kill MLAT.

Start reading the linked instructions around step 8, if your demoting into the network just use the ip instead of the listed address. You have yet to say if this is the official image or something you installed yourself so it’s hard for me to provide any detailed help but the average feeder using the official image never needs to ssh into the box or touch the Linux OS in any way.