MLAT not matching what is on the Exchange

My equipment is on airport property. Per the instructions of the I have LAT/LONG correct to the exact hanger where it is located in the receiver. Yet the Adsbexcahnge is saying our MLAT is a least a mile off property when looking on the website. Is this something to be concerned about?

No, it’s obfuscated (on the map) by design, for privacy (many feeders are at their owners’ homes).

Ok thank you. If that is true why are some saying 0 from an airport on the leader board?

Because some are also less then a mile from an airport.

My setup and antenna are darn near in the middle of airport property. It’s the reason why on ground traffic is getting picked up now.

I guess at this point I’m confused what your question is, you seem to be asking about the map, but then changed subject to the leader board. One the location is fuzzies, one it is not.

Both of them are wrong. Fine if one is fuzzy on purpose. I am sorry but if both give the same distance away from the airport then I would have concluded they were related. The leader board is wrong too.