Feeder position setting

Hi all !
I’m a feeder, for some years, with some fixed stations.

Often working one remote, I’m considering building a lightweight and hardened unit, of course Raspberry Pi based.

my question is, shall I set my feeder position at each moving ?
Does it matter for ADS-B feed ?

I plan to turn off MLAT, too.

Thanks for your advices !


You can shut off MLAT and you won’t need a position, or if you get a copy of the new image in beta it supports a GPS that automatically turns off MLAT when your moving, and turns it back on when you are stationary for a while.

I wasn’t aware of this beta image, it could be a gods way for making it easier !
Thanks a lot for the advise !
I have to learn about how to do that, but it is part of the pleasure !