Average Coverage area and Range are both ZERO

On the leader board both my Average Coverage area and Max Range show as zero. But, I’m tracking 1000s of airfcraft out to more than 200 miles. Plus, I’m MLAT synced with many other users. And my stats show that I’m out performing more than 60% of users.

In case it matters, I was originally a flightaware contributor so I followed the install instructions for an original contributor. https://www.adsbexchange.com/ways-to-join-the-exchange/existing-equipment/

I’m also unable to go to adsbexchange.local, but I assume that is due to my installation method.

If I sort on max range I see 100s of other users with the same issue.

Thanks for reporting this. We have it logged as an issue and will be tackling it soon. Our hypothesis was that lat long were configured incorrectly but with your MLAT working that doesn’t seem to be the case for you.

Go to ADSBexchange Anywhere, do you have all green checks? Do you see any error about stats package not being installed?

I have all green checks. No error messages. In fact, I have a message saying the stats package is installed

Thanks, dev has the info and is looking into it. The leaderboard is currently in Beta so we expected to see some issues, thanks for bringing it to our attention.