Need help: "Connected!" but no aircraft displayed and Stats = 0

Running AirNav RadarBox with their FlightStick SDR on RPi 3B with bullseye without any problems for months.
Wanted to contribute to ADS-B Exchange. Installed software and used identical location and antenna height as with RadarBox. After install at ADSBexchange Anywhere I see “Thanks for feeding”, “ADS-B Connected!” and “Feed Ok”, and “MLAT Not Found”. Have rebooted RPi and re-installed adsbx but map still without any aircraft while RadarBox map is very active.
Would welcome any thoughts on how to proceed.
Thanks in advance.

“installed sofware” is a bit vague - did you follow Existing Equipment - ADS-B Exchange ? I’m not familiar with the radarbox setup, so not sure what you’d be starting with. journalctl -u adsbexchange-feed.service might provide some insight…

On the ADSBExchange Anywhere page did you click on the right section where it says “ADSBx Anywhere Map”? That should take you to your map page with your aircraft.

Yes, those are the instructions I followed to install the adsbexchange feed client. I’ll see what information is forthcoming from the command you suggested. Thanks.

I did click on the section to launch the map but it continues to show zero aircraft. Thanks.