New Feature - Full Details

ADS-B Exchange is thrilled to announce that ADS-B Exchange’s feeder network now has early access to the latest release! We’ve taken arrivals and departures to the next level by adding lots of aircraft details (example below) as well as 7 days of detailed flight information – all with the ability to instantly replay any flight leg. Just click on your aircraft of choice and then the “Full Details” button to see it in action. Whether you’re closely tracking the aerial dynamics unfolding in conflict areas or just casually observing a turboprop cycling through touch-and-goes at your local airport, now you have all the aircraft and activity info at your fingertips.

Don’t want to wait for access to this new feature while we polish it for general availability? Become a Feeder now.

great feature however once its been used and closed by clicking the x when you select the next a/c it does not load the basic details let alone the new feature option it only displays the flight track on the map.

Thanks for the feedback. I will report it to the team and if they can recreate, they will fix it.

Refresh your premium cookie and it usually fixes it.

I’m a feeder but I can’t activate my premium account. No possibility to click on “ad-free map” as described here ADSBexchange Ad-Free Map –

Am I missing something?

My feeders do not go to the store to get premium you need to use the myip page is listed in the instructions.

If I follow the link no “ad-free map” link is visible nor a green smiley face. I attached a screen shot.

Looks like you don’t have stats package installed, run commands on screen to install.

A bit misleading the description on the websie. However after installing stats I have the access. Thanks for your help @CommGuy