Radio interference

I had my antenna mounted on a lower level surface and it was blocked on the west side by a higher peak of my roof. I moved it to the peak and now i cant get any signal at all. Is it possible that being mounted next to my broadband dish for my internet is causing too much interference?

Is the dish pointed right at the antenna? If so it’s possible you’re overloading the SDR.

The antenna is mounted on the same tripod as the

dish and is right above it.

You can try putting a 1090 saw filter before the SDR and see if that helps, or just turn off the dish for a minute and see if you receive any planes to confirm that is the issue. It is also possible that you have a coax issue.

It worked fine before i moved it, just a little short ranged on the west side, so guessing coax is ok. Ill put my saw filter on and try that. Thank you!!

To me moving it would be the most likely cause of Coax damage. The best test would be to shut the transmitter off for a minute and see if you get planes.