978 no receiving on dual band antenna

I just purchased and installed a turnkey kit for our flying club. I installed the nice dual band antenna outside on a tall pole outside and connected it with the Y connector into the Rasberry Pie device. The club is on airport property and is 200 feet from the end of the busiest runway at KLUK. We are having an issue with it receiving the 978 band. We are not getting any traffic on 978 and when we are down there geeking out with our new toy. We see airplanes in the pattern and our device is not picking it up.

If you go into the logs there are zero 978 band hits. Yet we are in class D airspace under class C.

As a troubleshooting step let’s try swapping the 2 ends of the Y cables into the other SDR and see if the 1090 side stops working. There is no way the antenna can work with 1 frequency and not the other so I suspect a dead side to the Y cable first, but if not a bad SDR.

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I didn’t have the outside antenna mounted correctly. It is now on the very top of our antenna pole on the hanger. It works well now. Thank you for the response.

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