Adsb123 password does not work even after resetting it?

adsb123 password does not work even after resetting it? Just flashed a fresh copy onto the RPI 4… no password I try works. What is the correct password? Same issue for SSH and web GUI…there’s no way to login to this thing… and being a linux engineer this is annoying…

This is confusing as you don’t even need a password for the majority of the Web GUI, are you sure your downloading the image from the link in step 2 of this page?

Yes I followed the guide to the T using that disk image. If I try to set my location or modify anything I get this prompt: (SSH also does not work even after putting in the reset_password file on the boot drive. is there a specific folder it needs to be in? /boot?


what are the options here? :frowning:

I cannot use this without resetting the password… :frowning:

Not sure what’s going wrong for you. I don’t have an RPi, so can’t test anything, but I would think that the reset_password file should be placed in the root directory of the boot filesystem - that’s the FAT32 filesystem on the first partition of the image - probably the only one that Windows will be able to mount anyway. You should see files like adsbx-env and wpa_supplicant.conf - create it alongside those.

I am going to try my hardest to duplicate this tomorrow but initial tests I was unable to do so and no one else is complaining about the issue so I can’t imagine its wide spread, are you sure your entering the username and password exactly as it is on the website? Capitalization on both username and password must be all lowercase.

I just downloaded a fresh image and installed it and the login info works for me.

User: pi
Pass: adsb123