Raspberry Pi ADSB software question

Very new to the Raspberry Pi, Software and ADSB Exchange software.

My question is it possible to boot the Raspberry Pi and still be able to run the Exchange software? I would like to have access to the Pi and the Exchange at the same time. If this is possible can someone provide instruction on how to make this happen?

Hope this make since.

Thanks in advance.

It is possible but not simple, you would need to start with a regular copy of Raspbian then manually install all the required software. Once you get it receiving and decoding ADSB signals locally you then follow the instructions here to feed data to ADSB Exchange.

If you decide to go this route there are a number of how-to available on the web but it will involve some linux experience or a lot of research on your end.

Thank you. I am just learning this hardware and software as mentioned before.

When you say manually installing the required software are you speaking of the ADSB software? If so where would it be placed? In the Raspbian OS? Can it be cut and pasted from the SD card that cam with my SDR Dongle?

I am speaking of the RTL-SDR drivers and software, ADSB decoding and mapping software, and all the dependencies needed to make those work. If your not familiar with command line Linux it is not easy to explain but it is running a series of typed commands to download and install or build each piece of software. You will then need to change each software’s config files to make it work, and then you still don’t get the added on sectional charts and maps included in the image. This is why we produce an image for users so they don’t have to do it all. I even tried to find you a how-to already written about it but I have been unable to as everyone just says to use pre built images. Maybe someone else knows of one and can include it below. That said if you want to learn how Linux works this is a great project to do so and a great resource is Wiedehophs github repository at wiedehopf · GitHub

You can also try taking the ADSBx image and running the Raspbian commands to install the desktop GUI and the other software you want to use, I know it works but has not been tested beyond launching a browser and you may have issues with other installed software down the road.

Thank you for the detailed response. This is going to be fun, at least I have a friend who know Linux.