Are configured SD cards "portable" between different types of Raspberry Pi?

I have both Pi4 and Pi Zero W. I am wondering if I configure an SD card in a Pi4, if I can then use that same card in a Zero W. IE, is there something specific about expanding the image that reads the “host” details and configures specifically for the type of Pi the SD card is currently in?


You should be fine to move the card between different models of Pis, but as an FYI the Zero W can be underpowered if you live In a busy area.

I have moved SD cards between Raspberry Pi 4B, Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, and Raspberry Pi Zero W without difficulty - they don’t seem to care what unit they are in, and even the Zero W has operated flawlessly as a feeder.

Thank you both CommGuy and HyFlyer. My Pi Zero W arrived today and I confirmed the SD card configured in a Pi4 works well in the Zero W.