Mode A/C port in ADSB Exchange provided Receiver?

I would like to know what port can I use with ADSB Exchange provided aluminum dual-SDR Receiver for use with Planeplotter?

Dual feeder just uses readsb, whatever port its documentation says to use should be correct.

I went through readsb documentation and have tried both beast and RAW data ports on 30005 and 30002 but Planeplotter fails to receive Mode A/C data.

Could you advise why mode A/C is not being received and if available recommended setting for Planeplotter to receiver Mode A/C data.

I am not aware of any reason it should not work the settings of what ports are needed for plane spotter is more of question for plane spotter. While we can’t provide official support as that is not a use the feeder is designed or advertised for you may have some luck joining our discord server as someone else may have the same setup or have suggestions on what to try.

Did you try the --modeac, --modeac-auto and --beast-modeac readsb options? I’ve never tried this myself, but I imagine you’d need to use some of those.

Yes thanks mate @dseven

–modeac helped released A/C data. Message rate also increased three fold.