Combine 1090 and 978 map

Is there any way to combine the 1090 and 978 local maps? I know I can look at my site online, but I’d like to have access to a combined display locally.

If you go to ADSBexchange Anywhere and copy your “ADSBx Anywhere Map” link it will allow you to view both 1090 and 978 as detected by your feeder from anywhere.

As I said, I know I can view the combined data online. I need to view it locally.

Unfortunately not possible, though I am curious why you need to view it locally as I may be able to solve your issue another way.

Remote location on a pay by the MB plan. I don’t want to spend money to display what it sees when I can just connect locally for free.

You may be able to make some tar1090 config file changes so both types show up on the 1090 map but that’s above my skill level.